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This module handbook consists of the complete collection of modules description of the whole program offered for ENSI1 students in the frame of the preparation of their computer science engineering diploma.
It includes the updated description of all the modules and the study program as resulting from the last reform conducted at ENSI in 2021 – 2022. The adoption of the current updated study plan begun in September 2022.
The current study plan describes in detail all the common and core modules of the first engineering
year and the second engineering year, i.e. from semester 1 to semester 4. It describes also the modules
of the fifth semester for each of the six specialization offered by ENSI.
In fact, ENSI students, who successfully validate the four first semesters, choose the “option” they
wish, i.e. one among the following six specializations:
The old study plan remains applicable during the academic years 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 for the engineering students who entered ENSI before september 2022 (i.e. being in 2nd or 3rd year in September 2022).
- For each module, the assigned code is defined as follows: XXXX.Y.Z, where
  •  XXXX : 2 to 4 letters referring to the acronyms of the topic or teaching subject as defined in table 1
  •  Y : refers to the semester number within the three year studies at ENSI, hence the semesters are numbered from 1 to 6
  •  Z : refers to the number of the module within the topic or unit
Table 1: codes defining teaching subjects: